Monday, November 8, 2010

Why I make my bed in the morning

Starting the day off on the right foot sometimes makes life a little easier.  What I think it really means if that you begin with a clear thought process and a clearer vision of what you need to do.  Usually I suggest to each of my clients to write a realistic “to do” list and keep your priorities in mind.  But what I also like to do each day is begin my morning with order and have a bit of control.  Since I feel that we are living in a world that we really don’t have control over I can personally put control in my domain by making my bed. You see if I take control over my own space and develope some level of order and cleanliness I can begin to see clearer and develope  some level of direction.  This may sound funny to most people but it is true and I would like to challenge anyone to it.  The worst that will happen is you will be a shinning role model to your family and your room will look better.  So…Tomorrow morning go make you bed and take on the day with some level of control.

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