Classes offered

The Traditional Home Organizer
Esther Simon, MSW

Organizing Classes and Workshops

In additional to private consultations and ongoing organizational support, Esther is available to speak at group functions such as PTA meetings, funding events, school events, and business meetings. In her lectures and workshops, Esther gives practical advice and hands-on examples of how to keep a clutter free home or office.

The following is a list of currently available classes and workshops:
Basic Introduction to Home Organizing
A. Time Management
B.  How to get control of your time with a planning notebook, day planner
C. Learn to develop a list
D. How to set priorities and goals

Organizing Your Housework
A. How to create a system
B.  Learn to identify and avoid time robbers
C. Take action against procrastination
D.  How to get other family members to help

Organizing Your Closets, Drawers and Space
A. A place for everything
B.  The art of throwing it out
C. Creating a kitchen of convenience
D. Techniques for creating more space
E.  Managing your closet

Organizing Your Budget
A. Easy steps to establishing a budget
B. Quick ways to cut food costs
C. List and menus
D. Shopping hints

Organizing Your Household Papers
A .Managing the Paper chase
B.  Opening the mail
C. Setting up a filing system

Getting Ready for the Holidays
A. Meal planning
B.  Cleaning before Passover
C. Preparing for Shabbos and Yom Tov

Please contact Esther at 310-396-5656 or email for more information or to schedule a class. You can also leave your contact details below if you are interested in having Esther call you to discuss her classes further or to schedule a workshop: