Sunday, September 28, 2014

Organizing in October

I asked my daughters what October had in common with organizing and one of them said they both start with "O".  I was actually looking for something deeper to write about.  Nevertheless,  I thought about organizing closets, (taking out the fall clothes, scarves, getting some autumn colors together.)   Then I thought of writing about  organizing arts and crafts for Halloween or decorating the Sukkas. Whatever you think about as you turn your calendar to October I want to instill the idea of organizing something.  Think of taking on a small project, sorting, de-cluttering, buying or fixing a container to hold important objects and think simple, clear thoughts.  Write out your list, time yourself on how long it takes you to complete a small task and get ready to start.  Happy October.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Getting Ready for Rosh Hashana

Congratulations you have make it to the first few weeks of school and a new schedule.  Now you can put that on hold and get ready for more changes and scheduling.  The mark of Rosh Hashana gives you a chance to prayer and be thankful for the things you have been blessed with.  Take this precious time and count your blessings, make note of the changes you need to do to improve and make a mark to change something for the better.