Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Begin with the End in Mind
This is my favorite habit of Stephen Covey seven habits of Highly effective people.  Each of us of goals and visions.  For me this time of month is constantly thinking about getting ready for Passover and Seder night.
Begin with the end in mind means that by April 14th I want my table set, Seder plate made and I want to have all my cooking and preparations ready.  Also an added bonus of some extra "me time" (manicure  and rest).  In order to have all this done I need to take out my calendar and work backwards to the countdown and prepare my home and menus accordingly.  So today I took some time aside and wrote out my shopping list, menu and decided what to delegate to other family members so my time schedule will work out. Passover  does not have to be a stressful time if you plan and delegate.  Think of what you need to do, what you want to do and how you can divide up the tasks, and chores to have it all done timely.  Start now, slowly and make many lists.  Reward yourself for good work and remember this is a time of celebration and rejoicing with the family.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Secrets to Time Management

When I was in grade school  I had a best friend who use to time my every activity.  She used to time how long it took me to ride my bike to her house, how long it took us to finish baking a cake, play Monopoly etc.  I learned that it was important to keep track of my time.  I still do this practice daily.  It helps me be realistic about how long it takes me to finish a given task.  I would suggest this as a good time-management technique.  Get in the habit of timing yourself, choose your activities wisely and take responsibility for your actions.  If you are always late, stop blaming the traffic and your kids.  Plan ahead and time yourself.  Decide when to say "no" and which activities you want to take on.
Time Management Essentials

It is important to know your strengths and weaknesses.  Can you perform a task on short notice?  Do you need help to choose what is important to do each and every day.  Sit down and write out your most important and urgent task to do each day.  Which ones are realistic and manageable?.  Are you writing too many things on your to-do list?  Can you finish your task and errands on time?   Where should you delegate and when should you just say "no."

Solutions and Suggestions for Good Time Management
Number one solution is to identity your goals and priorities.  What is our mission statement?  What do you want your family to value and respect?  Do you need to de-clutter your space and organize your home in order to have good time management skills?  Is your clutter preventing you from being on time?  Are you wasting time using all the technology the world has set before you?  Should you be texting, answering emails and using social media throughout the day instead of getting things done?  Can you use a planner/calendar to schedule your activities and "to do's"  efficiently?  Start planning and scheduling what is important and meaningful for you each day.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Back to School

For many of us this is the last weekend before school starts.  Monday is the big day for my son and Wednesday for my grand daughter.  What's the difference before preparing for 11th grade or kindergartner?
Really not that much.  You are still excited but apprehensive.  Will my child like his teachers? friends? will they make a smooth transition.  Will they not be overwhelmed and exhausted ?  What can you do to prepare and organize before they enter the classroom.  Firstly have your alarm clock scheduled to wake yourself up before your kids.  The more you are prepared so will they be.  Lay out the uniform/clothes the night before, labeled and set out on a chair ( this includes their shoes).  Develop good habits right in the beginning.  Prepare a healthy breakfast, lunch and set their backpack near the door.  Be sure to put all the necessary school supplies, notebooks, pencils, paper, books in the backpack before hand.  Set the admission slip (if needed) right in the front pocket of the backpack.  Get a head start 10 minutes early out the door to beat traffic or any last minute needs before you lock the front door.  When you do get them to school safely take a deep breathe...you deserve it.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Everyone is talking about going back to school

My son just came back from surf camp and even he is talking about going back to school.
So I gather that everyone must be somewhat excited about the new school year.  How do you get ready?
First, try mapping out your schedule, shopping needs, meal planning and carpool schedule. How much can you do without leaving the house?  Can you order your supplies and clothes online?  Can you talk to your friends about sharing carpool or some of the school obligation using team work or combining your energy together.  There is alot of information to share on how to get ready for school.  Start by making lists, files and labeling school supplies.  I will start to blog regularly on each aspect of getting ready for school.  So keep watch.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Sometimes your summer plans fall apart and you are forced to stay in your own home town.  This does not have to be a disappointment. You can pretend you are the tourist and make it fun for the whole family.  Have you ever thought of turning your home into a hotel? Think of what you like most of the hotel you usually go to. Perhaps you can switch rooms for the night  Rent a movie for the family, or order take-out and eat it on a smaller table.  You can also take a walk around your neighborhood and discover something new.  Other options include visiting the local museum or a market you never been too.  Try to be creative and positive.  You might have fun exploring!