Monday, October 31, 2011

Office Organizing:

Does your office look like a trash can?  Do you have piles in every corner?  Does it take you a long time to find the right bill to pay?  Do you wish all the paper would just disappear?

Here are some quick suggestions:

1.  Create a quick filing system on your desk.  I call it the hot file
     To Pay, To File, Coupons, Events, Invitations, Pending, To Do Work, Children/School
2.  Touch each paper once and decide which file it should go into
3.  For the Filing system, create an alphabetical systems for your papers.  i.e.; Auto, Banking Credit Cards, Home, Insurance, Medical Travel, Utilities , Warranties 
4.  Open the mail each day for 5 minutes and sort quickly
5.  Set aside time each week to pay bills
6.  Spend 20 minutes at your desk each day creating order and keeping up with your paper work
7.   Make a to do list with that is within your priorities
8.  Write down all your phone messages in one place and keep track of all your return calls and numbers
9.   Keep your business cards in one place and write them onto your contact list If you need a hard copy, keep them in a notebook.
10. Reward yourself for your efforts and keep track of your current papers.

Create a Password Organizer

Create a chart to keep all your passwords in one spot.  This will help you remember and access them when you need to. Keep them in a safe place either near your computer or near your personal banking papers.  Try to think of someplace that you can get to them easily and will remember where they are.  A common problem is not remember what the passwords are and/or where they are stored.  Include in your chart any website emails, log-in names and passwords. The Chart should include email address, computer log in, banking passwords, billings, social media, shopping sites, photos, work related sites, Travel, school and any other sites you have passwords to.