Friday, March 22, 2013

Hear me on the Radio

Here is your chance to hear me on the radio.

 I was interviewed twice this month on organizing tips for the   home and my  famous Passover tips.

You can stream this on your computer by clicking on the site below and looking for my name.         Enjoy


Click on "something to talk about ".  March 21.  Preparing for Pesach

 and February 28. Organizing with Esther Simon

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Getting Ready for Passover

It's just 11 days away...what will you do next?  My motto has always been begin with the end in mind.  On Monday night March 25, 2013 some of you wll be sitting down to a sedar.  For those of you making the sedar in your home think of the things you want to be doing last minute.  Perhaps setting the table, making the traditional sedar plate.  That means the other cooking and preparing has to be done prior to that night.  Will you be cooking on Sunday?  Did you get your car cleaned?  Did you prepare your menu for the week?  Did you get your grocery shopping done, did the clothes get to the cleaners and back?  Think of all the things you need to get done during the next 10 days and plan backwards so you will be sitting down to your sedar table looking like and feeling like a Queen!

What is home organizing?

Randi Wartelsky wanted to know what a home organizer does. So on February 28th 2013 I told her and her radio show.  Click on the link below and you can spend the next 55 minutes learning all about time saving tips and advise on how to be more efficient and effective in your home life.

> > Click on February 28, 2013. Esther Simon. The organizer