Sunday, November 14, 2010

Time Management

Can you keep track of your time?
What is the most important thing you have to do today?
How can you manage your "to do" list and what is the real priority?
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Every problem with organization is in some way begins with a difficulty in managing time. If your time is not well organized chances are that your paper, projects and priorities are not either.

Time Management is the foundation for good organization. The purpose of getting the most out of your day is not getting the most done but rather getting what is most important done.

Plan and prioritize by using a daily planner.
Set aside time each night to go over what is most important to you.
Plan you time wisely, set small goals for yourself with realistic rewards.
Allow for flexibiltiy and some time wasters.
Have available a spiral-bound or losse leaf notebook to write your "to do" list.
Look at your activities seriously and write down your appointments.
Plan your week carefully and on't over-book yourself with too many obligations
Use your notebook to write down 'To do" list or write them directly into your day planner.
Use extra separate sheets so you can move the "to do" list over to the next day
In your planner divide tabs into subcategories to give yourself a place to retain important information
Eliminate all little post it notes, write everyting in one place
ALL of this can also be done on any smart phone!

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