Monday, November 8, 2010

Setting Up Routines

Four Steps to creating a routine for Anything.
1. Schedule create a schedule for the important things in your day
What is the best time for you to schedule your “to do” , appointment and business
How often do you need to do follow-up and take action?
Estimate how much time need to get it done.
It is best to schedule it as the same time each day.  Then your brain is already warmed-up and ready to go!
2. Steps.-what steps do you need to make sure you can follow your schedule
What do you need to do first?  In what order do you take your steps
Keep your steps in the same order to make your routine easy to do.
Supplies: What do you need to do to get the task done.  Is it organized and easy to get at?
  If everything has a place, it’s easy to find.
Space:  Dedicate a specific area for your supplies and set it up with the supplies at hand.  Find a space with few distractions.
3. Supplies-  What supplies do you need during the day to get the most done
4. Space-  How much space to you need to get things done?

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