Monday, November 8, 2010

A day in the life of a professional organizer

Every day I come across something very important about staying organized. Many people are relaxed about keeping good backup of payments in their file cabinets and they forget where they put an important statement or bill.  We all have heard about creating homes for our stuff, or putting things away where they belong..”a place for everything and everything in it’s place”.   But today I was reminded about how important it is for us to keep reciepts of large checks and payments we make to the government or making a large payment for something we brought.  In case the check gets lost or the company complaints they did not recieve the payment in a timely can look it up quickly and send in a copy.  Create a file for long term storage for such payments and bills.  You will be happy and relieved when you find it.  It beats having to rewrite the check or deal with getting a copy of the stub from the bank.  Remember creating a good file system for your important papers is essential.

We all know that filing is one the easiest, yet most frequently delayed, methods of keeping important papers organized. Here are a few tips to set up a logically classified filing system:
*Start by making a list of file categories you will need, with relevant sub-categories (under “Insurance,” you would have Home, Auto, Life and Disability, and perhaps others.
*Choose color-code labels that are visually appealing and can also serve to trigger what the file contains.  For example, a green label could refer to financial files; red could refer to medical files or health insurance.
*Attach the labels to the files and alphabetize them.  Put your sub-categorized files after the main file.  For example, after “Auto” , you would have the subcategories of “DMV” “Insurance” , “parking violation”, “Registrations” and “repairs”  Depending on how much filing you need to keep up with, do it weekly or at least monthly.  Remember, much of what you file will never be looked at, so only file what you will really need.

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