Monday, November 8, 2010

End of the Year School Papers

            As we reach this time of year all the children, students and teachers are excited with finally finishing a successful school year (hopefully).  This is the time to review the work and save what we treasure in a safe place.  For the teachers it is a good time to review what format, teaching materials and test were successful and file them in an organized way.  I would suggest getting a portable filing case, holder or box and labeling each hanging folder by subject and grade level.  This can later be reviewed or added to later in the year. 
            For the student she/he should review the work that is most memorable and worth saving for their personal memorabilia box.  I would suggest getting a bankers box or storage box labeling this and either use hanging folders or just lay down each notebook in the box.  Remember to ask each student “Is this something you would like to see in 20 years? “  May times we hold on to things for a few years and then throw them out.        I think it is better to go thru the work right about school is over before you go to camp/summer vacation or settle into a carefree schedule.  Clean out your school work area and then you will be ready in September to start again.  Remember to do this task with your child/student so they do not feel that you are throwing away work that they did and you did not value. Teach good technique for de-cluttering, cleaning out the backpack, saving some of the good used school supplies i.e.: calculator, scissor, tape can save you some money next semester.  Remember after all is clean and put away you can really sit back and have a wonderful, restful summer.

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