Monday, November 8, 2010

The Efficient Minute

Between our regular phones, cell phones, and other tools of telecommunications, opportunities of communication have never been greater.  Unfortunately, so are the opportunities to waste time on the phone.  Learn how to prioritize your use of the phone.  For example , save time by asking the caller politely, “How can I help you now?” This will help you both get to the point quickly, and enable you to offer to call them back at a more convenient time.  After all, just because it’s a convenient time for the caller doesn’t mean it’s a convenient time for you.  At home, remember, call waiting and answering machines are our friends, use them.  Don’t pick up the phone unless you really have time to take the call.  Some people almost never answer the phone and simply retrieve messages at the end of the day.  You can be business-like on the phone without being curt, and save yourself loads of time over the course of a week.

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