Sunday, February 3, 2013

How do you encourage a client to continue the work?

There has been much discussion among organizers lately about how their clients seem to give up after the first or second session of working with an organizer.  I know from my personal experience that working with someone who feels overwhelmed by their clutter or how much there needs to be done can seem exhausting and frustrating.    The key is to break it down into steps and give some homework so it doesn't feel like it has to be done all in one day. As often as I say it I try to really express that I am not making a value judgement or making them feel ashamed or inadequate.   We all have our weakness, and strengths, talents and deficit.  Just know that every effort you put into trying to get organized will prove to be worth the pain and difficulties.   Give yourself a chance to explore, work on changing you habits, and create space in your home.  The expense and time put in will definitely prove to be worth it.  Pick up the phone call to make another appointment and give it another chance.  You will be happy you did.

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