Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Last minute tips for Organizing a Guest Room before the Holidays

When setting up your guest rooms try to anticipate your guest comforts and needs.  For example, look over the room to see if it has the items you might need for one extra night, blankets, pillows, clock, and reading material.
You might consider adding some pampering items in the room, perhaps a nice smelling candle, padded hangers, fresh flowers and a water bottle or snack.
If you guest is from out of town maybe a luggage rack or extra empty drawer might be a nice and easy way to unpack.
Remember to clear the clutter.  Guest rooms are usually a easy place for you to use as a staging room or dumping ground for unwanted items around the house.  Take some time to clean up and make room for your guest.
Make room for your guests’ clothes in the closet.  Consider using a freestanding clothing rack if you don’t have closet room.  If you don’t have a spare drawer, add a hanging organizer to a closet or garment rack.
Some extra thoughtful touches might be to add a small wastebasket, facial tissue, spare bath towel, jewelry tray and a basket full of fine toiletries to really make your guests feel at home

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