Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Organzing your Housework

Create a system/pattern
Set up a reasonable routine, with enough structure to carry the basic necessities of home life.  A general routine can give strength to your life.  Look at your overall weekly pattern.  Try to make a chart for yourself or your housekeeper of things that need to be done everyday.
Be strict about keeping up with the basics:  daily pickup, meals, dishes, laundry, going through the mail.  Do the basics everyday:  Make beds, clear kitchen table, clean counter tops, wash dishes, tidy up living areas, (includes putting away books, straighten cushions, put newspapers away, read, and sort mail, put clothes away.
Make a list for yourself or someone who help you clean:
·         Vacuum
·         Dust
·         Change bedding
·         Sweep and clean floor
·         Grocery shopping
·         Clean kitchen, garbage pail, clean inside refrigerator, clean mirrors.
       Walk through your house and make notes of everything you want cleaned and make it into a   schedule
Identify and avoid time robbers
·         Telephone: Have your calls screened, limit the length of incoming calls, let it ring, answering machines
·         Television/Computer: Do something else in addition to watching, Limit the hours you work on the Computer
·         Shopping: Shop at quiet times, be informed before you buy, anticipate your purchases , group your errands, buy in bulk, shop by mail
·         Clutter, mental and physical: identify and organize, write it down, simplify, eliminate
·         Focus on the problem, look at causes and possible solutions, Conquer head on
Getting others to help
·         Develop a chart, Reward system, chores/divide up the work

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